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My Approach

Yourstorytherapy currently offers three unique therapeutic services. 1. Individual Therapy, 2. Therapeutic Support for Autistic Adults, and 3. Drawing & Talking Therapy for Children and Young People.


As someone who has personally experienced and worked through complex trauma and loss, I can deeply empathise with feelings of fear, anger, shame and hopelessness. This shapes my approach to therapy and enables me to offer three different therapeutic services that will allow you to share yourstory and help you make sense of things and lead to significant healing and change in the way you feel fits best. 


My approach to therapy also reflects my deep respect for the individuality and diversity of human beings and for the complexity of our lived experiences. We all need different things at different times for different reasons and I am delighted to be able to offer clients accessible and personalised therapy that celebrates uniqueness. 

Whatever you are experiencing or finding difficult, I hope to be able to help. 

  yours tory

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