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Therapeutic Support for Autistic Adults

Having a background in Special Education coupled with the high number of autistic clients who are presenting in therapy has enabled me to develop and offer a more tailored and specialised approach to therapy, providing therapeutic support specifically for autistic adults and their family members.

 Regardless of diagnosis, therapeutic support is uniquely tailored and adapted to suit individual autistic client need. I recognise the importance and uniqueness of autistic experiences and the complexities that may present in therapy. I will listen closely to yourstory and hope to offer insightful support that helps you meet your goals in therapy.

Therapeutic support is also available to the family members of autistic adults and children who are seeking help and advice relating to autistic experience.

Yourstorytherapy has been intentionally developed in collaboration with autistic therapists, consultants, researchers and advocates and aims to be directed by autistic voices. This is reflected in my ongoing training which is predominantly autistic led. 

We all deserve compassion for our complexities, our behaviours and our wide-ranging needs. This is why yourstorytherapy offers support that is sensitively tailored to ensure autistic clients feel safe, heard and understood. I believe therapy that embraces kindness and compassionate curiosity can be transformative.

If you have any questions or would like to book a therapy session then please get in touch by emailing or use the contact form below.  

Available face to face, online or telephone


Session duration 50 minutes

Session fee is £50

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