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Drawing & Talking

Drawing and Talking is a safe and supportive therapeutic intervention for children and young people that provides an alternative to talk-based therapy. It is a short-term pro-active intervention intended to complement, rather than replace, the work of Specialist Mental Health Services. Over 12 weeks this non-intrusive technique uses drawing and storytelling to help children express their feelings and communicate their emotions. For more information visit

As a trained Drawing and Talking practitioner with over 8 years SEN experience working in schools I can provide therapy that focuses on prevention, early intervention and recovery in an environment which effectively helps children process emotional pain or trauma. As a calm and child led approach, firmly based in attachment theory, Drawing and Talking is particularly effective in helping build secure and positive relationships with neurodivergent children and young people and can provide immediate and effective support for those waiting for a diagnosis or specialist services. 

I currently offer weekly one to one sessions that last 30 minutes. Sessions will run for 12 weeks and take place in the same safe space each week. Children and young people will be invited to draw freely, play and express themselves at their own pace.  A waiting area for parents is provided in both locations.

Available face to face in Antrim and Newtownabbey

Session duration 30 Minutes

Session fee is £30

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